Access Control System

This is a stand-alone access control system safer, convenient than the normal doors which are prone to manipulation. It features various functions i.e. key, code, card operated. As audible sounder alarm system for intrusion alert and many more features.

Access control system which uses either key code or a card for one to access. This can be installed & remotely monitored in computers and if need be, print out can be generated. It’s commonly used in banks.

Access control system will help to create a safer environment for your property, reduce walk-in thefts, and discourages uninvited visitors. It will protect your business and home whilst controlling and recording the movement of staff and visitors across single or multiple sites.

We offer a wide range of solutions that include simple single door standalone systems and multi-door, on-line, pc based systems. We have a solution to suit your needs. Based on survey, our experienced Technicians will help design a system to meet your specific requirements.

Access Readers

The technologies we offer are:

  • PIN Reader – the person needs to enter a valid four-digit code.
  • Fob Reader – the person gaining entry needs to offer up a valid fob.
  • Card Reader – the person gaining entry needs to offer up a valid access card. These cards can utilize magnetic stripe. These cards can incorporate smartcard technology that permits use with other activities such as vending.
  • Biometric technology – the person gaining entry offers up either his hand or finger and the reader scans the profile of the hand and finger to ensure it meets the electronic profile stored on the access database.
  • Premises that require a high level of security may use a combination of these technologies.

No matter how simple or complex your requirement are, EUROMAX has the right solution.

Managed Access Control Solutions

Through working with major financial institutions, insurance companies and large corporate clients, we have developed a managed service offering to reduce the demands of administering a large access control database.

Our menu of services includes taking responsibility for:

  • Adding and deleting users
  • Producing and validating new access cards
  • Changing access profiles
  • Producing reports

We can tailor our managed service offering to suit your business needs.

Video Entry

If you are required to deal with a large number of deliveries or external visitors, you may wish to utilise a video door entry system, which will provide high-resolution images of the entrance to your premises.

High-Quality Pictures

While the earliest door entry systems relied on audio as the only way to determine who was seeking access, video solutions represented a significant leap forward. However, the technology utilised in the majority of cases produced grainy, unclear images that served little more function than to vaguely determine whether the person requesting entry was indeed a human.

This is where EUROMAX’s offerings make a massive change to the home security landscape, providing you with a crystal-clear videolink covering your doorway. And because they conform with IP44 standards, you can be sure of perfect images whatever the weather.

Two-Way Audio

In addition to the video pictures, visitors can also identify themselves using the audio link. Though a standard feature for door entry solutions, our systems provide two-way functionality, an invaluable improvement.

This means the person requesting entry can hear you, as well as you being able to hear them. As a result, you can ask questions of uninvited guests before deciding whether to permit them entry, or tell a visitor to wait outside.

Why Access Control Systems?

At EUROMAX we take  pride on our services by installing effective and the ultimate security solution for your needs and full control over who has access to your property – or certain areas of it – we will work with you to develop the perfect system, utilising biometric, PIN or proximity readers when and where necessary. Speak to us today about customising an alarm system to your needs and start protecting your home and business today.

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