Fire Alarm Systems

Our experience has given us invaluable knowledge to be able to tackle various environmental conditions and many other challenges.

Uncontrolled fire can cause loss of life and huge loss of properties. Fire alarms are therefore installed to alert you for immediate response to control and save such destructions. At EUROMAX we know the importance of creating the correct fire alarm solution for a business premises and homes. Different buildings and business have distinctive requirements, y conducting a survey we will arrive at a design best suited for you in order to minimise loss of stock and assets, reduce damage to property and provide an early warning system the people.

Alarm systems are basically designed for life and property safety, in the event of fire occurrence, it is paramount that the shortest time is taken to alert and evacuate people from fire risk area. It is for this reason that you want to be sure that the detector is capable of detecting fire, send a signal to the control panel, the received signal is processed and the output sent out to audio/visual alarm devices to alert and give appropriate warnings. Preventive maintenance service is done to ensure that once in three months; your system is checked and tested to ascertain that the system is in good working condition. We issue a service report indicating any shortcomings noted in the cause of carrying out the service. We also check that basic safety, measures have been observed.

Selecting Fire Alarm System

The type of system used is often determined by the size of the building and the complexity of the fire strategy within it.

For smaller premises this could be a system which splits the building into a number of simple Fire Zones and triggers an evacuation should a fire occur.

For larger premises an addressable fire detection system would tend to be deployed where each detector has a unique address allowing incidents to be identified precisely and the fire strategy can be programmed

Fire Extinguishers

We recognise the importance of fire safety and provides a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers to meet the needs of virtually all industrial and commercial premises.  Our extinguishers are manufactured to and carry full approval by BSEN3 by our chosen manufacturing plant in the UK. EUROMAX can help you choose the most suitable fire extinguisher for your different requirements suitable for your workplaces and homes.

Choosing The Right Fire Extinguishers:

Predominant standard Fire  extinguishers are designed and labeled with feature colored bands  to indicate what they contain.

  • RED band:            Water
  • CREAM band:       Foam
  • BLUE band:          Powder
  • BLACK band:        Carbon dioxide

Our experts will provide the correct extinguisher profile to compliment the risks within your property.

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