Intruder Alarms Systems

Why do you need Intruder Alarm Systems?

We know that your business is your livelihood and that true peace of mind is priceless. At EUROMAX, we will work closely with you to determine the exact system your premises will require to prevent intruders accessing the building, stock or equipment and offer a series of packages to meet your specific needs and provide complete monitored protection.

Detection Devices

After you’ve locked up your property for the night our alarm systems can use vibration detectors fitted to walls, doors and windows to ensure that response team are alerted at the earliest stages of a break in. Our range of door and window contacts will help detect unauthorised entry into your business premises and seamlessly integrate into your alarm system for essential protection and effortless monitoring. Movement detectors use either infrared or dual technology, a combination of microwave and infrared and are ideal for commercial buildings.

Intruder alarms consist of the following; Push Buttons, Automatic alarm system , Commercial Automatic alarms

Push Buttons
These are manually operated alarm systems. In case of an emergency the push button is pressed which activates the transmitter alerting Alarm Response Team for back up. There are optional features, which include wireless remote panic button, which can activate the alarm within a radius of 80 meters.

Automatic Alarm System
This system eliminates the need to manually activate the alarm transmitter. It consists of two Magnetic Door Contacts, two Passive Infrared Sensors, a Panel which controls the above and a minimum of three Panic Buttons. This system detects intrusion and triggers the alarm, which sends the signal to the main control room, and a backup is dispatched.

Commercial Automatic Alarms

This is a more complex system. The type of the alarm to be installed depends on the size of the premises, goods and the areas to be protected. It is advisable to carry out a survey and consultation with the client before installation. It consists of dual tech, infra-red detectors, vibration sensors, smoke detectors and Magnetic Door Contracts.

After our pre-selection process, the qualified candidates are put into a Three week induction course.

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