Surveillance And Monitoring

The Controllers manning the control room 24 hours ensure that all operations are running smoothly and any problems arising receive immediate attention

CCTV Surveillance

This is a system comprising of cameras installed on appropriate area of protection as per client’s specification zone. It comprises of cameras, monitors multiplexers, and Video Recording. This enables the clients to monitor all the activities in his absence/presence. CCTV can be computer based as well, which can also enable the client to monitor all the activities from a certain location or through networking

CCTV System

Following the rapid change of insecurity and development dynamics, as a property owner you have the right to monitor daily operations at your business or at home to keep account of you investment and also feel safe. Whether it is suspicious activity inside or outside of your property that is causing concern, CCTV systems installed will not only act as a deterrent, but also provide vital evidence captured on the high-quality video for your assessment 24/7.

CCTV Packages

We have a selection of CCTV packages for you to choose from or one of our experienced security consultants can meet with you and design a system based on your individual business needs. Whatever is your preferred method you can rest assured we have the right solution for you.

Whether you choose one of our packages or a bespoke design, your system will incorporate high quality equipment installed to the highest standard by our fully qualified technicians. For your peace of mind, you can select one of our service plans designed to keep your system functioning and ready to capture that critical event.

Dome CCTV Cameras

Dome CCTV cameras can be manually or automatically controlled and offer functions such as auto focus, 360 degrees coverage with the ability to switch views rapidly. There is a choice of fixed view and fully functional (multi-view) format cameras, which come in internal, weatherproof, and vandal resistant versions. We install extensive range includes monochrome cameras, colour cameras and colour cameras that switch to monochrome in low light conditions.

Good ambient lighting levels, particularly at night, are critical in order to achieve high quality images whether you wish to view them in real-time on a monitor or store them on a hard drive for future reference. In situations where the ambient light levels are poor, we  install optional infrared lighting to produce monochrome images.

IP Cameras

Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV surveillance cameras uses network infrastructure to transmit, distribute, record and display video images, as opposed to traditional analogue cameras which utilise co-axial cable to distribute video.

One of the main advantages of IP CCTV over analogue, the video data is recorded in a format which makes it suitable for local and remote viewing on PC’s, smart phones and tablets.

Recording Options

There are several ways to record IP video. Images can record centrally on a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or locally, at the camera, on an on-board SD card. The DVR solution is more widely used for business solutions as it generally offers greater storage capacity allowing images to be stored for longer periods before being overwritten, and more varied programmable options.

The SD card solution is generally for use in domestic and smaller commercial type systems, and for covert applications.

What if I have existing Network system?

IP cameras and Digital Video Recorders use the same network protocols as other IT equipments such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and printers etc. and can work over your existing network infrastructure or as stand-alone systems working over their own independent networks. In some situations where you have an existing analogue CCTV system, we can modify to utilise the existing coax cables and convert them to work with IP cameras, thus providing a cost saving.

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